Services & Fees

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We know how costly a surrogacy pregnancy can be. Therefore, we try our best to keep fees to a minimum.

**Agency Fee$12,000 ($4000 retainer paid upon medical clearance, and $8000 paid upon legal clearance- nothing is paid upfront!)
Surrogate Fee (1st time)$36,000
Experienced Surrogate$46,000
Legal Fees$2,000-$8,220
Psychiatric Evaluation$600
*Caesarean Section$2,500
*Loss of Uterus$5,000
*Physician ordered bed restTo be determined
*Bed rest child careTo be determined
Clothing Allowance$500-$750
Start of Meds$300

*Paid in addition to and only if it comes about during the pregnancy
**International clients may be subject to additional fees
NOTE: All fees are subject to change